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Injection Therapy Case Studies
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Injection Therapy Case Studies

Case 1 Biceps Tendinopathy Farrah Jawad

Case 2 Genicular nerve blocks James Rodger

Case 3 Ultrasound Radial Tunnel Syndrome Lisa Ho Cuiying

Case 4 Glenohumeral Joint Injection Luke Millward

Case 5 Ultrasound guided injection lateral elbow pain Marzieh Abbasi

Case 6 Ultrasound guided midfoot injection Ngozi Nwokoma

Case 7 Management of a Morel-Lavallee lesion in a Professional Rugby Player Rajiv Subbu

Case 8 Ultrasound guided hip injection Raymond Leung

Case 9 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Ultrasound Diagnosis and Injection Valentina Treskavica

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